Friday, 7 December 2012

PZ Myers is the new Godwin

Well shit, here we go again, I was about to lay off the whole atheism blogosphere bullshit scheme and make a nice post about gym etiquette, when someone, the baboon pope himself, general P-zod, comes out and makes a post so ridiculous, it makes those fuckwits in the discovery institute seem like a bunch of rocket scientists by comparison. I am going to quote the rage inducing paragraph in it's entirety for context's sake.

"I remember following the events of that day intently, horrified that there are people who will kill women simply because they are women. And these anonymous monsters on the internet who shriek affrontedly about women and feminists and moan that any feminist allies are ‘manginas’ — to me, every one of them has the name Marc Lépine, and is just hiding it in shame and fear and hatred and cowardice."
-P.Z. Myers,  post entitled "Never Forget" from Pharyngula Dec 6. 2012.

For the full context, go to his site and read the article, I refuse to link it here. PZ is referring to the Montreal massacre, in which Marc Lepine murdered 14 women and injured another 14 women and four men before committing suicide.

I've seen a bunch of articles explaining this due to various factors, including abuse from his father, mental disorders and various other factors and I want to make something clear; none of that matters. This was a heinous act committed by a monster. He did it because he hated women, why he hated women is not relevant, but it's clear that he did, and is about as pure a form of misogynist as you will ever find. Period.

That doesn't excuse your bullshit PZ. When you spout shit like this, you not only make no sense, but it calls into doubt any of the words you've spouted from your mouth ever. "DISSENTERS ARE THE ENEMY! ANYONE WHO INSULTS MY CAUSE IS A SERIAL KILLER IN DISGUISE!" Do you read this shit before you post it?

Even if I granted that your brand of feminism is right, it wouldn't excuse that in the slightest, not even close. I'm curious if you think that these people are actually serial killers too cowardly to kill, or if you just equate them all the same. Lets take a look at both options, though it's hard to see which one make you look more like the recent victim of a lobotomy.

Option A - PZ is suggesting that anyone who disagrees with his ideology, insults him or uses any terms he deems misogynistic is actually a serial killer, they're just too cowardly to kill anyone.

By this logic, rock n roll causes devil worship, video games cause violence and saying "mangina" makes you a serial killer. Have you been drinking with Tipper Gore and Patricia Pulling lately? This has been proven to be bullshit so many times over the last 30 years you could fertilize a field with it. I give you credit for still having a little bit of brains left in you, so lets move on to option b.

Option B - PZ believes (or believes enough to state on his blog) that disagreement with his cause, or the insult of it, is worthy of as much scorn as a mass murderer.

This at first seems to be the more reasonable option, as instead of making PZ look like he escaped from the local loony bin, it just makes him look like a jackass, but I would argue, it's even less so. Do you really think grade-school level insults are on the same level as multiple homicide? Is an offhand remark worth life in prison as per murder or would you just rather see people "re-educated"? Tell me have you instituted the two minutes hate against your Emmanuel Goldstein / Marc Lepine?

Despite all the nonsense over the past few months, I hadn't lost all respect for you yet, I disagreed with the particular brand of feminism you exposed, there are problems that need to be fixed, it was more a disagreement on the methods of doing so. (Blog post on this coming, I suppose). But you crossed the line, you're an extremest in every sense of the word, just like the jihadis and kamakazi, and while by your logic you've not got the courage to actually suicide bomb an MRA meeting, you've kamikazi'd yourself out of any relevance on the internet.

Insulting a woman isn't the same as killing one, even straight up hating a woman isn't the same as killing one. There are a fair few people I don't like, I'm sure as hell not going to kill any of them. Saying "mangina" or "cunt" or "twat" doesn't kill anyone, it doesn't encourage anyone to kill anyone, it doesn't condone killing anyone. Saying that it does, however, does indeed make you an idiot.

I'll leave with my proposition for a new word for the internet - "Pzodding" - The act of losing an argument and all respectability instantly due to comparing people who a) disagree with you or b) use terms you deem as offensive, to serial killers.

Stand Up and Fight

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